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Company Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village

Company Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village

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What are the classifications of crystal crafts?

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According to the material -- the natural crystal gift and the artificial crystal gift, according to the corresponding production fine, can divide the crystal class again.
According to the production process -- the crystal white embryo gift, crystal image gifts, crystal carving gifts.
Decoration for use - crystal office supplies, crystal pendant, crystal ornament, crystal ornament, crystal ashtray, crystal perfume bottle, crystal photo frame, etc.
Molding up points - crystal music box, crystal zodiac series, crystal trophy, crystal trophy, crystal office furnishing articles, crystal pen container series, crystal tableware, crystal tea sets, crystal lamp, crystal lamp, crystal chandeliers, crystal vase series, crystal candle holder, crystal curtain series, crystal ashtray, crystal pillar, crystal ball, crystal iceberg series, crystal series image series, crystal plate series, crystal decoration because of the particularity of crystal, crystal historically has been the people make excellent material of various kinds of craft accessories. Various crystal craft ornaments have our familiar crystal necklace, crystal bracelet, crystal pendant, crystal bracelet, crystal phone pendant, etc.
Nowadays, people make use of advanced crystal to make crystal image, crystal cup, crystal, crystal medal, crystal perfume bottle and so on common handicraft.
The crystal trophy is custom-made to choose xinyuxuan crystal handicraft - crystal cup custom expert! Crystal cup manufacturers provide crystal trophies production, the production of crystal crafts, crystal crafts wholesale, etc., the main products: crystal trophy, crystal trophy, crystal crafts, crystal glass cup, crystal glass handicraft products, crystal shape, crystal souvenirs!

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Q       Q:2745629871
Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village