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Company Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village

Company Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village

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Crystal crafts maintenance and cleaning considerations.

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1. Crystal brittleness, pay attention to pressure, anti-fall, high temperature, strong alkali and strong acid. When moving the crystal, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves to avoid oil stains on your hands. When lifting the crystal objects, do not hold the top or outer part of the crystal. Hold the base of the crystal or the whole body. Find the dust in the crystal collection. Do not use a feather brush. Instead, gently brush the dust with soft, non-fluffy cloth. Do not rub it hard to avoid breaking the crystal.
2. When you have oil stains or handprints on the crystal, you can wash them with lukewarm soapy water and rinse them with clean water. Avoid repeated washing in hot water or clean water. There is a cut crystal, and the cut part can be gently washed with toothbrush. If there is a stain that is not easy to remove, you can cut the lemon and rub some salt and gently scrub it. Also use a few drops of salt vinegar to wipe. Such as crystal vase is put in storage, spread patch on the shelf in advance, and put the crystal vase in sealed glass or display box, thereby reducing the likelihood of crystal surface gathering dust, also can reduce manpower contact, avoid to cause damage.
3. Don't let the crystal crafts get too close, or else you will be overwhelmed by the domino effect. Make sure the jewelry cabinet is firm and reliable.
4. If you want to store crystal crafts for a long time, do not use foaming adhesive paper or plastic bags. This kind of packing will increase the temperature and damage the crystal. At the same time, do not keep the crystal in the attic or cellar, lest they are in the harsh environment.
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Q       Q:2745629871
Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village