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Company Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village

Company Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village

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Identification of crystal crafts.

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Crystal handicraft has artificial crystal and natural crystal 2 kinds, the following crystal trophy manufacturer introduces its identification method:
When the natural crystal is formed, there will always be some impurities in the environment. When observing the sun, it can be seen that the small horizontal grain or the willow flocculate can be seen. And the false crystal mostly USES the crystal slag of the remnant, the glass slag smelting, after the polishing processing, the color imitates, does not have the uniform stripe, the willow flocculate material.
Tongue lick: even in the hot summer days of the dog days, with the tongue licking the natural crystal surface, also has the cold and cool feeling. False crystal, there is no cool feeling.
The light: the natural crystal is placed in the sun, and it gives off a beautiful glow from every Angle. False crystals do not.
Hardness: the hardness of natural crystal is large, with the gravel on the ornaments lightly, no trace; If a stripe is left, it is a fake crystal.
In the case of polarizer, it is a natural crystal to rotate 360 degrees under a polarizer, and a false crystal is the one that does not change.
Use two color checks: natural amethyst has two colors, and false crystals have no dichromatism.
It is examined with a magnifying glass: a ten-fold magnifying glass is used to examine under the transmitted light, and it can be found that the bubble is basically a fake crystal.
The head hair is used to check: the crystal is placed on a hair silk, the human eye can see the double shadow of the hair through the crystal, it is natural crystal, mainly because the crystal has birefringence.
Test with thermal conductivity meter: the thermal conductivity meter is adjusted to green 4 to test the gem, the natural crystal can rise to yellow 2, and the false crystal does not rise, when the area is big, rise to yellow one.
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Q       Q:2745629871
Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village