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Company Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village

Company Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village

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What are the skills of crystal gift crystal crafts?

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Crystal gift customization has become an indispensable part of People's Daily life. Like flowers, it has become an elegant work of art that people give each other. Flowers are not easy to keep, after a few days will wither, and crystal as long as you are not careless, can be kept forever, and crystal clear as the original. Therefore, the custom crystal gift has become more and more the first choice for people to give away! The crystal gifts, of course, is also a science, but also an art, with different crystal gifts, crystal crafts, crystal art to express the language is so rich, would do well to express and understand the meaning of the crystal, can better express this kind of art, just take a look at one of the most common crystal gifts crystal handicraft skills.
To the elderly birthday, should be send crystal of Chinese products, such as crystal draw maps, crystal screen drawing furnishing articles, etc., it can draw evergreen, evergreen is a symbol of the "eternal youth" longevity flowers as a symbol of "healthy life", or some more festive theme, such as mago offer long life, long life and so on!
The man and woman in love, usually with a heart-shaped crystal artwork, with a pink rose on it, is a token of love. Each other, of course, also can send the crystal color printing, the image of the lovers each other or memorable moment to express, through the crystal color printing to a different day, so-called crystal of love, the everlasting!
Congratulations to friends on the birthday of the crystal art pieces, can be engraved with some blessings, the future of the bright future, bright future.
Send the customer, can send the crystal stationery of the fashionable atmosphere, or the crystal artwork is decorated, the guest is placed in the office, add the air of elegant nobility more!
Can send led, the crystal gifts crafts on more, such as crystal art furnishing articles eye, crystal home furnishing articles - bravebull, eight jun figure and laser crystal inside carving, etc., are the favorites of leadership!
Send white collar lady or wife, can send exquisite crystal perfume bottle, crystal perfume bottle design is various, it is the best crystal gift that fashionable lady loves beautiful lady.
Send children, you can send crystal artwork, such as crystal swan, crystal BBB 0 boxes, and so on, with exquisite packaging, can win the children's love.
Send athletes, send a model, singer, etc., can send the crystal trophy, crystal MEDALS, souvenirs, to express our respect and admiration of love, of course, these crystal trophies MEDALS must be customized, outstanding individual creativity, and the same host.
The new store opens, the company opens, the appropriate crystal artwork is decorated with a piece - fu lu and so on, the meaning "has the blessing to have the lu, the prosperity is flourishing, the money is flourishing", gives each other the best color head!
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Q       Q:2745629871
Address: Zhejiang province Pujiang County Pu Yang Street Chenhu Village